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What is this blog?

So what is this? A blog for sure. But with not much writing. Hopefully.

That said, I should probably write something…

It’s a good feeling to delete the stock photo that came default with this website theme. That is exactly the opposite of what this will be.  Stock photos generally have very little purpose other than to be sold. They have to transmit a feeling or a concept in as broad a way as possible in order to attract a high number of buyers. They are generally made to be sold separately and, although some are very beautiful and taken by great photographers they often lack a sense of story.

Story, for me, is the reason why photography exists. Photos tell stories. The story of your holiday, your night out, your crisis. Sometimes you take pictures to tell the story of other people or events and these pictures serve to tell that story for years to come. So, what stories will I be telling here? Honestly, your guess is probably as good as mine.

For now, I’ll just say that this blog is to be a way to challenge myself creatively and an outlet for my photography projects. Some will focus on my experiences but more often I hope to narrate those of others – exploring different the cultures and aspects of life from where I live in Nicaragua and beyond. This blog is also for you so please comment and collaborate. If nothing else, photographs are for sharing.

All the best, Dan

#Nicaragua #Photography #Storytelling

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