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Travel: Postcards from Popoyo

Last weekend was the celebration of the Nicaragua’s independence from Spain. This four day weekend can either be spent in the city listening to marching bands, fireworks and church bells 24/7 or you can drive a long way away to somewhere peaceful and beautiful. Allie and I chose the latter.

I wasn’t really focussed on photography while we were away so these are mostly snapshots than images I spent time over creating. But then most great images are captured in a fraction of a second.

Popoyo sits along Nicaragua’s “Emerald Coast” – a semi mountainous region that has allowed for shoreline of secluded, hard to reach beaches bordered by large cliffs. Very unlike the flat coastline near León. The morphological diversity provides a wealth of photographic opportunity so I played around with landscape-type shots. The small cliffs and pools beneath Magnific Rock Hotel made for some particularly dramatic composition when coupled with the stormy wet season sunsets.

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