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Travel: El Transito

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of going to El Transito beach to make a documentary about a new surf team. More on that in another post. The beach was unlike anything I had seen in Nicaragua before. A rocky shelf lies under parts of the ocean just of shore with spires poking out at low tide and throwing up beautiful waves for surfing. Throughout the day fisherman launch their boats, weaving in and out of surfers as they head for deeper waters. For those who don’t want to brave the high seas there are a series of natural swimming pools sheltered from the waves on the south side of the beach.

Towards the end of the day we walked over to go for a swim with our friend, Megan. We arrived at the pools and I started to lay down my mountains of camera gear before a swim. “No! We’re nowhere near yet!” Megan told me and preceded to walk on with another destination in mind. After an undisclosed distance we came to the most beautiful natural rock pool I have ever seen. The neck deep sliver of water right on the edge of the cliff was the perfect place to take in the endless show of waves crashing beneath us.

Just as we were getting reading to head back I gaged our natural high coupled with the soft evening light would make for stunning natural portraits.


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