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Travel: Best Southwestern

It was with a heavy heart that I packed my bags in León but the time was right. Prematurely, I left Nicaragua. The political crisis, worsening everyday, had finally reached the point where I could no longer comfortably stay. The cobble stones turned into barricades, trucks of paramilitary forces roamed the streets, protesters ramped up resistance and I was left pondering if I had a place in this Nicaragua. Perhaps that is for another, wordier post. For now I just want to say that ultimately I didn’t leave out of fear for my safety but more a lack of a purpose. My work had dried up and although I empathize strongly with the struggle for justice, I feel it is not my fight.

So, after an adventurous journey to the airport,  I found myself flying back to England – this time with no return in sight. On the journey I took no photographs. That should give you an idea of my mood. Luckily, I was met off the plane by my soul mate and fiancé Allie. Having her around for the first weeks back made such a difference in helping me reacclimatize to life here. Although we didn’t talk about the situation in Nicaragua much, having someone there who understands the situation and shares my connection to that place provided a deep sense of comfort.

While she was here we made the most of the weather and visited the western tip of Cornwall – West Penwith. We camped and hiked and here I did take some pictures. It was incredibly beautiful and the perfect place for some soul-mending downtime. The images are from our two trips down south where we camped at Treen and Sennen campsites.

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