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Rock, Rope and Rain

Every British climber makes a pilgrimage to the Peak District once in their life. The history, the accessibility and the variety of classic routes makes for a killer destination. The endless gritstone ridges of Stanage and Burbage offer a lifetime of climbing in themselves. All these classic venues are climbed using traditional methods as fixed protection is severely frowned upon on gritstone crags. For a good article on these historic climbing land check out this UKC article:

On top of the famous ridges you get an unrivaled view of the Peak District national park. This was fortunate as it allowed us to see the incoming rain clouds and storms usually in time to do something about it. Luckily high winds dried the rock quickly and climbing could continue in most cases.

As usual, the climbing was only a small part of this climbing trip. What remains in my memory are not so much the routes climbed as the people met and the good times shared. Here’s to the next one!

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