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La Marcha

Yesterday (Saturday May 19th) saw a huge protest march through the city of Leon. Demanding democracy, peace and an end to the human rights violations by the current government students and citizens marched in their thousands. The atmosphere was one of hope and togetherness and something I would not have thought possible one month ago. This is a complicated political situation which I won’t go into to much detail on. In summary, the government came down hard on the student led demonstrations against social security cuts about a month ago. The clashes led to many deaths and galvanized the whole country into rising up and making their voices heard against the president. The current situation is uncertain with dialogue between the government, student movement and other groups to decide the country’s future having just started.

This is my take on yesterday’s march which I hope serves to show the jubilant and determined atmosphere shared by so many people in the city. #sosnicaragua

#sosnicaragua #Nicaragua #Photography #Protest

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